Air Conditioning Estimates:

Proposals for replacement air conditioners are free. If you are shopping, need, or just want a budget number for a future investment - don't hesitate to call. If your air is completely out and you need a new system right away - let us know. Call us for ductwork and other pricing.

If you are closing in an area (i.e. Garage or Porch) or adding a new room, your current AC & heating system might not be large enough to cool or heat your home.

Electrical Estimates:

If you need a price on upgrading your service, adding a generator, surge protection for your house - there is no cost. Call us to set up an appointment. If you are in need of an estimate for repairs, installation of minimal electric modifications - call and we will discuss your goals.

Note about repairs: Electrical repairs and diagnosis may take a significant amount of time. Factors that may affect the price include: small attic with little working room, outdated wiring system, panel that is already full, requirement to pull a permit, wiring that was installed incorrectly, inferior construction, and more. Mobile homes and older homes can be very time extensive.

New Construction Estimates:

Building a new house? Are you a Contractor? All proposals for new construction are free. We need a complete set of prints to give you an accurate estimate. Make sure the window sizes, construction specs, direction the house faces, location of air handler, and all electric desired is on the print. If you wish to locate you air handler in the attic, please consult with your truss company about sufficient space requirements.

Specialty Service Estimates:

For energy forms and load calculations, we charge a flat rate for single story buildings under 3000 total square feet. For more options, call or email us what you need.

For inspections, you need to call us and discuss what is needed. Every house is different - age can increase the time required to find all faults within an electrical system.


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