Additional Services

Energy Forms:
We can provide complete State of Florida Energy Forms with Manual J load calculations if required . All we need is your complete floor plan with the following clearly marked on your prints:

1.) Window Sizes & Type (Insulated? Double Pane?)

2.) Door Sizes (Storm? Insulated?)

3.) Wall & Ceiling insulation and material (R-Value? Frame?)

4.) Direction house faces

Manual J Load Calculations:
We can provide a whole house calculation of the components your house is made up of to determine the size air conditioner that is needed for your home.

Electrical Inspections:
1.) Has you insurance company required you to get an electrical inspection? You found the right place. We have completed many inspections like yours before. All we need is the sheet your insurance company sent you and we will do the rest. If you wish to set up an appointment or discuss what is done - please call. (We will not lie on an inspection form - don't ask - we are an honest company and if something is not up to code, we will let you know. Our reputation depends on it!)

2.) Purchasing a new home and want an honest opinion? We can help. You should not overlook the electrical part of a house when making a purchase. You should be aware of the size of service, the age of wiring, whether it is up to code, and if there are any safety concerns. Give us a call to schedule an inspection to eliminate any surprises.

Air Conditioning System Inspections:
Do you need a general idea of the condition of an air conditioner? Let us take a look. We will inspect the wear on the coils, check the operation, and present you with an honest opinion on the condition of your air conditioner. Call us to schedule an inspection.


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